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Essential Web Design Checklist

Always consider the following factors irrespective of whether you are working on a new website project or renovating an existing one. Defining all the key elements up front can go a long way in ensuring that the methodologies used are apt, tools are suitable for the task and the execution is good. Refer to the following essential web design checklist and you will be making sure that there’s no need for any unnecessary revisions no matter how complicated the project actually is.


●     Is the website cross browser compatible?
●     Is the site responsive and functions flawlessly across devices and platforms?
●     Are there social media sharing tools on individual pages?
●     Are the redirect and 404 pages working?
●     Are all internal page links working smoothly?
●     Is there a favicon?
●     Are all UI elements consistent in terms of design and function?


●     Have you implemented all important SEO to-dos such as using appropriate titles and descriptions, keywords, alt tags and URLs?
●     Is your website loading fast enough -- evaluate that from a visitor’s perspective
●     Do all the pages have security certificates -- this is particularly important if you are selling stuff online.
●     Is there a functional backup infrastructure or strategy just in case the site goes down.


●     Have you done a thorough proofreading for any potential error in the copies?
●     Is the contact information accurate?
●     Did you clearly define services and privacy terms?
●     Do all multimedia content such as images, videos, or audio, render and load properly?
●     Is everything readable on PCs as well as mobile devices?
●     Have you added a sitemap yet?

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